So a funny thing about aroace orientation…


You can still want queerplatonic relationships and you can still prefer one type of queerplatonic partner over another. 

Aroaces can experience a non-romantic, non-sexual attraction to men, women, neither, both, all of the above. 

There are aroaces who identify as lesbians because they are female/female aligning wish to share their life with women/feminine aligning individuals. 

There are aroaces who identify as pan because they wish to share their life with someone regardless of gender. 

There are aroaces who don’t identify as anything else because they don’t feel the need to. 

There are aroaces that use the term aroace as shorthand for aro-acespec, arospect-ace, aroacespect/aspect, demisexual/demiromantic, quoiromantic/quoisexual, grayace/grayaro/grayaroace, alterous, quasiromantic/quasisexual, etc etc etc. 

There’s a reason it’s called aspec and not a-that’s it it’s this nothing else. 

Because It’s a wide range of individuals who don’t, don’t usually, almost never, sometimes, sometimes under specific circumstances, or simply don’t know the difference with some experience of sexual and or romantic attraction.

And just because someone falls on the asexual or aromantic spectrum, doesn’t mean they don’t experience other types of attraction. Platonic, queerplatonic, alterous, sensual, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic attractions are all real and sometimes need to be better understood by those who doesn’t experience the main stream sexual or romantic attraction.

So yes, you can be a gay aroace, or a bi aroace, a pan aroace, you can be a lesbian aroace or a poly aroace. Because it’s a complicated world out there and there’s nothing simple about attraction.






Bob Doucette – Snow White

What is verbal diarrhoea?

What is verbal diarrhoea?

1) Careless (or casual) statements.

2) Writing (or talking) a lot and then not editing the result properly.

I think most writers have had that conundrum where they don’t know how descriptive they ought to get and/or how they should introduce a situation or character trait.

For example you could say “Theo has insomnia” or throughout your story you could consistently point out how Theo has trouble sleeping and allow the reader to figure it out for themselves that Theo’s an insomniac.

Hope that makes sense.









shakespeare’s character descriptions/stage directions/contexts are so vague it makes me so happy. wanna make Laertes hamlet’s ex boyfriend? doesn’t say HE’S NOT. wanna make juliet a trans girl? WHERE IN THE SCIRPT DOES IT SAY SHE ISN’T??? fucking put King Lear in SPACE set that shit on the enterprise THERE ARE NO RULES IN SHAKESPEARE 

The best part is that pretty much all of the fights are “they fight” with no mention of whether it’s with swords or throwing knives or kung-fu or if they just do the slappy-hands thing at each other.

the only rule in shakespeare is that a bear must show up in the winter’s tale. could be a grizzly. polar. panda. hell, antigonus could’ve wandered into a gay club.

This is the EXACT reason why shakespeare endures more than any other writer, btw

it’s what he would have wanted

@jabletown bears for u



dear mom, this is the personal essay i wanted to send, but couldn’t.
it’s titled: once upon a time.









If anyone tries to tell you that Shakespeare is stuffy or boring or highbrow, just remember that the word “nothing” was used in Elizabethan era slang as a euphemism for “vagina”. 

Shakespeare has a play called “Much Ado About Nothing”, which you could basically read in modern slang as “Freaking Out Over Pussy”. And that’s pretty much exactly what happens in the play. 

It’s also a pun with a third meaning. There’s the sex sense of much ado about “nothing”, there’s the obvious sense that people today see, and then there’s the fact that in Shakespeare’s day, “nothing” was pronounced pretty much the same as “noting”, which was a term used for gossip. So, “Flamewar Over Rumors” works as a title interpretation, too.

The reason we call Shakespeare a genius is that he can make a pussy joke in the same exact words he uses to make biting social commentary about letting unverified gossip take over the discourse.

So like.

A truly accurate modern translation would be “I Cunt Believe He Said That”?


I truly feel the ghost of Shakespeare has never been more proud of me. 

I feel Shakespeare’s approval in this chili’s tonight

Brilliant! @ariestess, i feel this is very pertinent to you!



Her First Mother’s Day – A Magiluna Stormwrite…

Her First Mother’s Day – A Magiluna Stormwriter (ariestess) – Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own]:

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Relationships: Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Robin Hood
Characters: Robin Hood (Once Upon a Time), Evil Queen | Regina Mills
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe – Non-Magical, Mother’s Day, Motherhood, Established Relationship, Married Couple, Married Life, Pregnancy, Unplanned Pregnancy, Domestic Fluff, Family Fluff, Mild Language, Swearing
Series: Part 3 of Hope Springs Eternal

“You became a mum the second my little swimmer hooked up with your egg. So this is your official first Mother’s Day, whether you like it or not, my love.”

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kristin makes me wanna switch sides…she’s so gorgeous…