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Eat the Cookie

By A. Magiluna Stormwriter (ariestess)

Based on “Breaking In” by SomewhereApart

Creator’s Notes:
So anyone who knows me knows that I adore BIn greatly and managed to binge the
whole nearly half a million words in like 3-5 days several months back.  To say that it had an impact on me is an
understatement.  In particular, the whole
“eat the cookie” analogy at the end of chapter 42.  So I decided to be a little bit of a shit and
quiz Allison on the exact phrasing a few days ago when I was away from my
computer.  I was honestly hoping for the
phrase itself or maybe just the chapter reference.  But she had to be an overachiever and give me
the whole section from the end of BIn42.
And now, she has this piece of Zentangle-inspired art.  In fact, I’m hoping to send her the original.

Art Notes: This was made on an 8"x10" piece of
Canson 140lb cold press watercolor paper.
I used PITT Artist Pens in sizes 1.5, F, S, and XS, as well as Staedtler
Aquarelles 16 and 76.  The quote comes
from the end of Chapter 42 of Breaking In.