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Writing’s like a love affair: the beginning is the best part.




me and @ariestess are both, not gonna lie



Your first name is spelled and pronounced the exact same way as an alien race’s word for death. You try to explain to the terrified aliens that you are not, in fact, the Grim Reaper.

I wouldn’t. I would rule their world and become their Queen.



Kira: is really into the first half where Hamilton is fighting for independence

Quark: is really into the second half where Hamilton is fighting for a strong economy

Rom: thinks the music was pretty

Odo: just wants people to stop singing off-key on the Promenade

Kai Winn: takes the Aaron Burr character personally and calls for a boycott, backtracks when it turns out a lot of Bajorans like the show and there’s a backlash, ends up funding her own production of it in which she cuts all the speeches she feels are too incendiary

Jadzia Dax: massive crushes on the Schuyler sisters, Hamilton, and Jefferson

Ezri Dax: keeps changing her mind as to who she most identifies with

O’Brien: immediately makes a Revolutionary War program for himself and Julian

Bashir: keeps calling Garak ‘Hercules Mulligan’

Garak: pretends not to get the joke, tries to bring back petticoats

Worf: passive-aggressively sends fourteen copies of the soundtrack to Alexander

Alexander: completely misses the point his dad was trying to make, goes into musical theatre

Dukat: writes lot of angsty fic about how King George is misunderstood and misrepresented

Nog: starts quoting it as a historical source in Starfleet Academy essays

Jake Sisko: abandons novel, begins working on musical

Ben Sisko: will not stop humming ‘Guns and Ships’

Kira: commander, you and I both know that the Dominion’s got tactical and material superiority, to say nothing of the numerical advantage
Sisko: major, are you saying that we
Kira: no
Sisko: pardon me major but it sounds very much like you are saying that we aRE
Kira: please don’t
Kira: stop it
Kira: you are supposed to be a representative of my gods
Kira: I hope the Dominion kills you
Kira: I’m an atheist now





other people writing ao3 comments: love this! can’t wait to see more ❤

me writing ao3 comments: gyjfsdghjkldsfhj fukc dude i……… eat this if i could….

Reblog if you want someone to love your fic so hard they’d eat it

Monday: Crying because Lana Parrilla
Tuesday: Drooling over Lana Parrilla
Wednesday: Staring at Lana Parrilla
Thursday: Dying because Lana Parrilla
Friday: Sobbing because Lana Parrilla
Saturday: asdfghjkl-ing because Lana Parrilla
Sunday: Smacking my head against a wall because Lana Parrilla