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Writing’s like a love affair: the beginning is…

Writing’s like a love affair: the beginning is the best part.

My advice to writers: Be careful what you writ…

My advice to writers: Be careful what you write…what you write can break your heart.





me and @ariestess are both, not gonna lie

What is verbal diarrhoea?

What is verbal diarrhoea?

1) Careless (or casual) statements.

2) Writing (or talking) a lot and then not editing the result properly.

I think most writers have had that conundrum where they don’t know how descriptive they ought to get and/or how they should introduce a situation or character trait.

For example you could say “Theo has insomnia” or throughout your story you could consistently point out how Theo has trouble sleeping and allow the reader to figure it out for themselves that Theo’s an insomniac.

Hope that makes sense.





writing as therapy. writing as healing. writing as discovery. writing as self-love. writing as making sense of the dark. writing as rebirth. 

when the story is just not working, but you ke…




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Reminder that she actually wins that season, so keep your head up.

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What people think writing is like: careful planning and thought out plotlines

What writing is actually like: being possessed by an idea that you are constantly arguing with

I have never seen such an accurate description of writing in my life