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Sadder But Wiser A Swan Queen fanmix By A. M…

Sadder But Wiser

A Swan Queen fanmix

By A. Magiluna Stormwriter (ariestess)

Listen to the fanmix on Playmoss or YouTube
Read the background on the creation of this fanmix here
Read the fic inspired by this fanmix here

Rewrite the Stars A Swan Queen fanmix By A. …

Rewrite the Stars

A Swan Queen fanmix

By A. Magiluna Stormwriter (ariestess)

Listen to the fanmix on Playmoss or YouTube
Read the background on the creation of this fanmix here
Read the fic inspired by this fanmix here

sqsupernova: 🗣It’s almost here! 🌈 Sign-ups s…


🗣It’s almost here! 🌈

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Rave Reviews for The Story of Emma and Me: A Sort of Fairytale for My Granddaughter by @ariestess​!

This was beautiful…I love this idea you used of Regina writing a letter to Lucy so we could hear her perspective, her history directly from her, and how Emma fit into so much of it. And having Regina be somewhat of a rambler at certain points in her storytelling in the letter made it all the more appealing…I feel like it was a personal insight to Reginas journey, her growth and her love story with EmmaI really liked that you included the latina side to Regina’s character in this…the way Regina writes about Emma (and Henry) is so sweet…all of the Evil Queen’s feels, Regina’s and Roni’s merged into that story so well explained that left me stunned! It was as if I could feel what she was feeling,so true and real it feltI really appreciated how you had her explain things about her past (Cora, Leopold, Robin…) in ways that make sense for a grandmother sharing a painful past with her granddaughter, but also don’t gloss over things too much…I really liked reading this and just thinking about how much Regina’s story has involved, how much she and Emma have gone through separately and together…I deeply enjoyed this letter. I could feel all of the emotions that would pour out of Regina as she wrote it.

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ariestess: SQ Supernova 2: Author Interview


Here is our interview with ariestess – about The Story of Emma and Me: A Fairytale for My Granddaughter

What inspired your story?

Well, the easy answer is bouquetemoji’s gorgeous artwork, “the place you escape to”, and the poem used in it. But it was more than that. I really liked the idea of combining what we knew might be coming in S7 with Regina and Emma being grandmothers with all that we’d known of their relationship in S1-S6. The idea of Lucy wanting to know all about this huge aspect of her life that wasn’t really covered in the various story books just hit me hard, and I let Regina start to tell her story, their story, as only she could.

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The Black Fairy’s curse somehow made Emma real…

The Black Fairy’s curse somehow made Emma realize how much she loved me, and how much she’d let herself be swayed into thinking she didn’t deserve what she’d wanted all along either. Amazing how similarly we treated our feelings for each other, isn’t it? Thankfully, Hook took her request for an annulment far better than either of us expected. He became more of a friend and ally than I ever expected. Especially later on when we both needed it.

Learning that the woman I’d loved for so many years had actually loved me back and been just as stupid about it as I was? I didn’t feel quite so alone and foolish. Well, no, that’s not quite true. I actually felt more foolish for waiting so long to do something about it.

And then I remembered who Robin was, what he w…

And then I remembered who Robin was, what he was, and what he had become to mean to me. And that Emma appeared to be happy, not with Walsh, but with Hook. So I chose to encourage her happiness, which opened the door for me to explore what could happen with the soulmate of so many years ago.

But there was always an undercurrent of connection to Emma that wouldn’t die, no matter what happened or who came into our lives. I should’ve accepted it then and fought for her. But once again, my fears and inadequacies rose to the forefront and I stepped aside.

I was an idiot. I can finally say that now, even though part of me knows that I wouldn’t change a single moment of my life to get to where I am now.

{I realize how this might sound, Lucita, but it’s true. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, the grandmother that you look up to if anything from my past changed, good or bad alike. If I can impart one lesson to you, it’s that you cannot love the person you are and be comfortable in your own skin if you wish to change parts of your past. That would make you a different person.}

Pan, yet another part of the darker part of ou…

Pan, yet another part of the darker part of our family history. Henry’s great-grandfather, Lucy’s great-great-grandfather. That bastard nearly tore our family apart forever. When I realized what I had to do to stop Pan’s version of the curse, I admit that I was torn. No, I didn’t want his curse to be enacted, not knowing what kind of hell he would force us all to live in. But I also didn’t want to lose my only true family that was left. I still couldn’t admit that I had feelings for Emma, especially when I was so sure she didn’t reciprocate them. I thought she only did what she did for me because of Henry. I knew I wasn’t good enough to deserve her in my life.

But I made the decision, upon realizing what I had to give up to save everyone from Pan’s curse, to give Henry and Emma what they deserved. They may not remember any of us, but they could be happy together in their new, cursed life. And so I transferred my own memories of Henry’s childhood to Emma. I gave her the family I tore away from her in my need for revenge. I gave Henry the mother he deserved to grow up with.

I wanted to kiss her before they left, before I would never see them again. But, just as so many times before, fear won out over happiness. Little did I realize that in giving her my memories, I gave her some of my burgeoning love. Watching the two of them drive off in that yellow death trap of hers was every bit as painful as watching Mama crush Daniel’s heart before my eyes.

The minute Snow White gave Henry that book of …

The minute Snow White gave Henry that book of fairytales, the minute he learned he was adopted, I should’ve realized just how close to an end that twenty-eight year period of intended bliss for me was coming. But the forgetting potion and my own insanity-laced hubris clouded my judgment. I wanted to believe that, even though I hated what most of my life had become, I was happy with Henry and the curse could just continue to exist forever.

And then Henry ran away and brought Emma back to Storybrooke with him. That night changed my life, as clichéd as that sounds. I took one look at her and her shy little “Hi,” still stung by Henry’s “I found my real mom,” and I felt something shift deep in my soul. I chose to feed the hatred and distrust of this woman that I was sure would steal my son, my reason for happiness, from me. How could I even consider that she might be the reason for my happiness truly coming to fruition? I had to stop her breaking my curse at all costs but, just as with her mother, I couldn’t kill Emma Swan.

sqsupernova: Today, we spotlight The Story of …


Today, we spotlight The Story of Emma and Me: A Sort of Fairytale for My Granddaughter!

Formatted like a letter and a fairytale at once, @ariestess writes a magnificent character study of Regina from birth until her happily ever after with her wife and son, weaving in both canon and new possibilities hand in hand. There’s plenty here for lovers of every season of Swan Queen, even Season 7, and there’s plenty here for those who love them in every iteration! @ariestess reinterprets Regina’s decisions and feelings for each big moment, and frames it all together through the lens of an older, wiser Regina, sharing it with Lucy. Along with lovely and fitting art by @allison-janneys, this is a story worth reading paragraph-by-paragraph, slowly savoring each deeper understanding it brings!

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