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She meets my gaze again, a tear slipping down her cheek. When I reach out to wipe away that tear, she leans into my touch. “I think you know the answer to that, Regina.” Her voice is husky, tugging at my suddenly racing heart.

Surprise! It’s a Girl! by @ariestess


Rave Reviews for Surprise! It’s a Girl! by @ariestess!

wow love this!! … Beautifully written and equally beautiful story content! You captured the characters so well, the content was perfect, I envisioned it all clearly as if I were watching it on screen and I’m emotional after reading it … This was so soft omg I needed that. I loved it … This story put a huge smile on my face. I enjoyed it so much!! … ahh omg i already love your approach to this. This was so wonderful! … Yes!! I can’t get enough of Hope Swan-Mills! This story was precious and oh-so satisfying … Aww that was sweet and adorable!! … I enjoyed the story. It made me smile.

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Art Spotlight: A Happy Beginning [Art] by Glass Menagerie

I love this so much! The three of them look so happy and peaceful…it was a very beautiful moment … awwwww so cute and lovely. I ’m in love with it … I still love this art so much. Thank you for creating it … GAHHH THIS IS SO FRICKIN CUTE i love that you decided to draw what is basically the cutest scene EVER like GAH. i love hope’s chubby cheeks omg. and emma and regina look so HAPPY. what a cute af family omg … This is so precious! I can’t get enough of Hope Swan-Mills! … This is so adorable!! It’s everything I ever needed and more!

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“You want to tell me why our younger son has upset you?” She shrugs and shakes her head. “Do I need to pull out the Ms. Swan card?”

“Oh god! You know what that does to me, Regina!”

“Yes, I do, and I’ll keep using it until you lose that damned stubborn streak that you inherited from both of your parents and then so charmingly passed on to our sons. I still haven’t forgiven any of the three of you for that, by the way.”

She laughs, and I can’t help but join her. The movement jostles Hope slightly, and she whimpers, rubbing a hand over her face. Gently shushing her, I rock her back to sleep easily enough, smiling the entire time.

Surprise! It’s a Girl! by @ariestess


We sat down with @ariestess to talk about Surprise! It’s a Girl!, their process, and their Supernova adventure!

What inspired your story?

I absolutely fell in love with @trinadeckers’ artwork and the possibilities it offered. I knew I wanted to do something post-series finale, given what everyone was wearing in the artwork, but I couldn’t quite decide on a specific plan of action for a while. It was a close call, but I finally came up with an idea that the muses and I really liked, so we wrote like the wind so to speak. LOL I love exploring Regina as a mother in general, and this whole idea of a magic baby without Regina being the one pregnant just makes me smile for some reason.

How do you form your stories? Do you outline beforehand or write by the seat of your pants? Do you write linearly or out of order?

I’m a plantser, aka I usually have a rough idea of where I want the fic to end, but little to no firm details along the way. With this fic, all I knew was that I wanted Regina to learn she was Hope’s other parent and that she would get together with Emma by the end of the fic. I knew I wouldn’t answer every question Regina would have about the whole process, but that’s the beauty of fanfic, isn’t it?

What in your fic are you most proud of?

There are a couple things.

First is “Operation Make Ma Smile Again” and the whole thing of adult Henry still doing his operations like the little boy we watched grow up in canon. As I wrote it, I could see the gleam in his eyes and that mischievous smile, especially as he explained who all was involved in the operation. Oh! And the whole thing with him worrying about whether or not Regina would fireball his ass. I couldn’t help myself with that bit. LOL

Related to this first point is the whole “"I love your wife, but she needs to stay the hell away from my chocolate silk pie.”“ bit. I cackled so hard when I wrote that whole bit between Regina and Henry. I could see and hear Regina saying it to Henry, as well as his reaction. As I said in a comment on the fic, all of my Reginas are closet snobby chocoholics and absolutely go crazy for chocolate silk pie.

The other big part I’m proud of is the way Regina realizes how much she wants this chance with Emma and Hope, despite how many times Emma gives her an out. It was just a wonderful way of letting her start to sort through her feelings about both motherhood and a relationship with Emma. I’ve always loved to delve into Regina’s thought processes in general, and this gave me ample opportunities.

Is there anything you’d change now?

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My Emma?

“Mom, you’re getting that scary Evil Queen look right now, and it’s still weird enough to see that look on Queenie Mom’s face. I don’t want to see it on yours. Just– Just talk to Ma?”

Surprise! It’s a Girl! by @ariestess


He sighs softly. “I’m not sure I should even be telling you this, but you really need to make the time to talk to Ma. She could really use you right now.”

“Will you please–”

“Look, I’m just gonna say it like this. Operation Make Ma Smile Again needs to take priority, okay?”

The mention of another of his operations is both comforting and terrifying as hell. That Emma is the subject of his operation makes it even more terrifying, and my heart clenches painfully. “Just tell me what’s going on, Henry. Please?”

Surprise! It’s a Girl! by @ariestess


Today, we spotlight Surprise! It’s a Girl! by @ariestess!

Ariestess’s fic will have you swooning from start to end in this beautifully crafted story that follows our newly appointed queen. It so effortlessly highlights all the love Regina has gained on her journey to becoming the good queen and is filled with soft family moments that will easily leave you smiling. She helps Emma with Hope without question, bonding with the newest member of the family and grows closer to Emma in the process. Be ready to be hit with a magnitude of emotions, especially due to this wonderful piece of art by Glass Menagerie that shows the love between this beautiful family.

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“Mr. Dugan, the man in charge of Henry’s adoption, was ready to take Henry back, said they already had a new family ready to adopt him. And then he had to step out of his office for a moment, I think to get someone to help get Henry and his things. I looked at Henry in that car seat, and I apologized to him for not being good enough to be his mother. And he just looked at me, like he could really see and understand me. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I couldn’t look away and I asked him to just give me another chance. And he smiled at me. Looking back, he was only a month old and it was probably gas, but at the time…”

“At the time, he smiled at you and gave you that second chance?” Emma asks when I don’t finish my thought, overwhelmed by my own memories, and I can only nod. “And then you gave him his best chance, the one I wanted him to have when I gave him up. I can never repay you for that, Regina, but I’m going to keep trying.”


So you love Emma and Regina, and have some great ideas for stories about them? Want to try your hand at writing them yourself instead of hoping that someone else might do it for you? Swan Queen Supernova challenges you to write a fic that’s at least 10,000 words long over the next few months, and I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely do it!

Writing something so long can be intimidating, but it’s also a pretty awesome experience made better when you’re doing it with a community! From now until the beginning of September (that’s about 80 words a day to hit the minimum word count, which is exactly how many words are in that first paragraph), you have an opportunity to join with fandom and write a story you can be proud of.

Supernova has all the tools you need to get started, especially if you’ve never tried writing before! You can be paired with a beta who will help with the things you aren’t confident about, as well as a cheerleader to root for you and motivate you to keep writing. There are writer chats where writers can talk about their projects and write together, and, if you manage to finish your story, an artist will create something exclusively for it! It’s a great way to try writing a long fic– either for the first time or the fiftieth– and an experience in itself!

This is part of a series of posts to help you understand all the roles you can participate in during the Swan Queen Supernova challenge. Intrigued? Sign up to be a Supernova author here!