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Rave Reviews for “Caught in the Act” by @ariestess!

i love how this was all in Regina’s POV! i thought it was going to switch, but i’m glad it didn’t! not many fics are in 1st person, so i’m glad that i got to read another one like this. emma and regina are so sOFT IN THE BEGINNING when regina is in the bathroom and emma comes up behind her. my heart 🙁 … Writing in first person is not easy and writing in first person as Regina seems impossible but you did a phenomenal job. This was amazing. I wouldn’t mind reading more first person Regina if it’s written this well. Well done! … It was fun seeing the whim thing from Regina’s POV. The deep feelings that she has for Emma, lingering concerns about her past, the changed relationship with Robin (really appreciated that), respect for Granny, negotiating with David, etc. Loved them all. … So cute! I love that Snow isn’t mad about them dating, she just takes it waaaaaay too far. Hehe. And Emma is so sweet giving Regina time to feel better before getting playful again. Very satisfying story – thanks! … you can’t image how I need this story, today. So funny and the last interaction between Emma and Regina so sweet. Great work! … i liked that you switched up. overall you did really great! sometimes I’m iffy about first person but you pulled it off really well! thanks for sharing! … I loved how understanding Emma was with Regina’s fears. This was such a sweet, fun story. Snow was lucky to get out of there without getting torched.

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The timer on my phone goes off, signaling the need to go check on the cake I’m making Emma for dessert tonight. She groans at the sound, and I find myself echoing it, reluctant to end our kisses. And then I remember that we don’t have to stop.

“Come on,” I say, pulling back to reach down and grab her hand. She laces her fingers with mine easily enough. “Maybe you can use those bail bondsperson powers of persuasion to talk me out of a piece of cake before dinner.”

Her nose crinkles as she studies my face, head tilted to the side. “With or without frosting? Wait! What kind of frosting are you using? You didn’t even tell me what cake you made me.”

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see, won’t you?”


Art Spotlight: “The Mayor’s Office [Art]” by @trinadeckers!

I still wholeheartedly love this artwork. It makes me giggle when I see it. Thank you so much for making this based on my fic! … Love the look on Emma’s face here stunned and kid of frozen but not yet horrified at getting caught. Suits the fanfic story chapters perfectly. Nicely done. I can only imagine the look on Regina’s face is far less serene in that getting caught moment; poor them 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creativity here for Supernova. Best wishes to you. … Hot damn… beautiful artwork! … oh my god this is beautiful!! i am so amazed with how you’ve done this, and you picked a great scene to capture. i love the colors and the highlights. she looks damn good and omg I almost didn’t even see emma down there. i can’t stop staring at Regina’s office, mostly the wallpaper. SERIOUSLY this is incredible. you did so awesome!! … Perfect! I can see Emma thought “uh oh they got us” … Nice gradiant usage of reds. Good job … I love the choice of colors. … Where can we see the entire picture? … This is such a pretty style and I love the lighting!

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Chuckling as she waggles her brows at me, I simply nod for a moment as we walk. “We should definitely check that out and make sure it’s safe.”

The further we walk into the park, the more relaxed I feel. This decision to go public about our relationship is possibly the best decision I’ve made since taking the chance to date Emma in the first place. Everything feels more intense, more brightly colored, clichéd as that sounds. We make a full circuit around the pond, waving to Archie and Pongo across the way, before moving off toward what Emma says is the make out spot.

“Come here, you,” she says with a grin, backing me up against a tree.


We sat down with @ariestess to talk about Caught in the Act, their process, and their Supernova adventure!

What inspired your story?

I had a really hard time getting a solid bead on an idea this year, and then I just hit on the “five times” trope and ran with it. I love playing with Regina’s willingness to be daring in public. She’s always seen as such a tight-laced person, and it’s nice to see her breaking out of that and ENJOYING herself.

How do you form your stories? Do you outline beforehand or write by the seat of your pants? Do you write linearly or out of order?

It really depends. This particular fic was mostly seat of my pants with a loose idea of locations and who caught or didn’t catch them. I think I mostly wrote it in order, simply because it was easier to build on previous encounters in each new one.

What in your fic are you most proud of?

I really love the final chapter. Snow’s reaction was one of my favorites to write because I totally needed her to go overboard toward a wedding like she did. The idea of Regina expecting to have to fight for her relationship with Emma, only to be surprised that Snow’s okay with it, was really appealing to me. Oh, and Granny and Mal’s reactions were pretty priceless, too.

Is there anything you’d change now?

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“Is this not working for you, Regina?”

Emma’s voice from behind my chair brings me back to the present again. Her hands are warm on my shoulders, and I lean my head back on my chair to glance up at her. She wants to help so badly, but disappointment shines in her eyes, dulling their green to a sickly algae color.

“Normally it would, you know that, Emma.”


Gesturing to the paperwork on my desk, I growl softly. “Your fucking mother has made a royal mess of things, pun entirely intended.”

Grabbing two paper towels to dry my hands, I turn to face her with a hip against the counter. “You sound pretty sure of yourself, Ms. Swan.” The hunger lurking in her eyes lures me in, a small smirk playing at my lips at her predictable reaction to her surname.

“Call me ‘Ms. Swan’ one more time…”

Her dare makes me chuckle, a sudden surge of bravado hardening my resolve to push back and see just what kind of mood she’s in. Leaning in closer as I reach behind her to drop the used towels in the trash, I murmur, “You’re in my way, Ms. Swan.”


Today, we spotlight “Caught in the Act”!

Caught in the Act is one of those fics where you go in expecting smut and expecting to come out hot and bothered. What you wouldn’t expect is to end up feeling warm at the smutty fluff at the end because that’s what @ariestess managed to do, and it’s amazing! Yes, there’s a lot of gratuitous sex (it’s what you came here for), and some exhibitionism sex, but also some surprisingly heartwarming stuff and Regina’s journey to accepting them as a couple. 

Let’s not forget @trinadeckers‘ The Mayor’s Office [Art] either, it’s whoa and it’s NSFW so be careful where you decide to open it up.

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Smirking, I lean in to rest my hands on the desktop on either side of her hips, bringing my chest up close to hers. “In fact, if I don’t have anything else to occupy me, I’ll just keep laughing.”

Emma’s eyes scan down my body, and she leans back a bit more on the desk, but I just keep leaning forward to stay in her personal space. The shift in angle puts some strain on the buttons of my blouse until they’re nearly ready to burst open. My smirk grows wider as her pupils dilate.

“Regina?” Her voice cracks, cheeks flushing red as she licks her lips.


Interview with @Ariestess

and their work for

Rewrite the Stars

What is your favorite medium to work with?

I am primarily a fanmixer, but I dabble in Zentangle, watercolor, and bad manps, too.

When you are choosing a story do you base your choice on the snippet/summary alone or are you looking for a certain type of story?

It’s kind of a feeling I get, I suppose. I love to read the snippets/summaries for ideas. I don’t really search for any specific type/genre because I like the ideas to flow in my head for music, rather than have a rigid mindset, if that makes any sense. I don’t go in thinking “I want to use this kind of music, so I’ll only look for things that fit that.” Nope, I go in with the idea of “What’s going to perk up my interest or my muses’ interest” and then go from there.

Which part of the creative process you enjoy the most?

Honestly? I think it’s the part where I start to really pull everything together. Narrowing down the songs, refining the order, getting it to gel in my mind until the muses go quiet because they’re pleased.

What was the most challenging thing you faced while doing this particular art?

I knew I needed to include the song “Rewrite the Stars”,

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