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As you may have noticed, we have now made it into February without a single Spotlights post. Unfortunately, main mod has had a very busy year, and they slipped down the list of priorities!

However, I do still believe that each fic and piece of art deserves its day in the sun, and so I am scheduling one fic and its paired art to be re-reblogged every day, from now until we’ve re-showcased every one. 

Posts will be reblogged in the same order that they were originally revealed, so if your work came out at the beginning of reveals, it will re-appear at the beginning of this process, too! 

And, if anyone has a post to submit for a specific work – such as a recommendation, additional fanart, a link to a sequel fic, a post from the creator about their process making it, etc. – simply submit it to us, either as a new post, or a link to an existing on, and be sure to include the name of the fic or art it relates to

So keep an eye out for those, and remember – 

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I’m watching The Sword in the Stone for the first time in decades and I’ve gotten to the part where Merlin is trying to get Arthur to lose his virginity to a squirrel.

Y’know, if Merlin turned that squirrel into a human it would save Camelot a significant amount of problems down the road.

“Squirrels mate for life Arthur, so the chances of her fucking your best friend and inadvertently causing a schism that leads to the downfall of an entire utopian kingdom are completely nil!”

Ok hopefully this is the last time I add onto this but Arthur marrying the squirrel would stop both of the events that destroyed Camelot – namely the aforementioned falling out with Lancelot AND the birth of Mordred.  Being with him since youth, Squirrel would keep Arthur from being seduced by his half-sister Morgause (or Morgan Le Fay in the versions of the myth that cut Morgause out) when he was young and foolish, as he’d already be in a committed relationship and thus wouldn’t be able to be tricked into starting one with said half-sister.  No incest means no Mordred.  Then, as mentioned above, Squirrel would be a faithful wife, which means Guenevere would be single, which means Lancelot and Guenevere could pork each other without causing a huge row that ends with Lancelot killing dozens of his fellow knights of the round and inspiring several others to turn against Arthur out of loyalty to him.

Camelot would have been saved if Arthur just. Fucked. That. Squirrel.

You say all that but all I hear is “here is how Merlin trying to convince Arthur to become a furry could have saved the world”

Look this was a journey for me ok?

It started as “I can’t believe Disney made a movie where Merlin tries to get a squirrel to take Arthur’s virginity” and slowly became “I can’t believe Disney’s weird bestiality subplot actually solves the two biggest problems that cause Camelot’s downfall.”

Because as baffling as the squirrel fucking plotline is just on its own, the fact that it’d actually be solution to the eventual problems Arthur faces – whether anyone at Disney was actually thinking about that or not (and I’m guessing not) – is even more so.  It is bizarre and unsettling to me that squirrel fucking could have saved Camelot, and that’s, uh, the point of this I guess.

So, pointless fun fact. Around 2008, someone on 4chan actually made a ‘humanized’ version of the squirrel called ‘Hazel’ (i.e. one who had been changed to a human to be with Arthur). For a little while, there were a number of artists making pieces about her, and stories written suggesting alternate histories.

I know it’s a minor point, but I still love the notion that people are still finding ways to rewrite the story so Arthur can f*@# the squirrel.

Whole gallery of pics here, because some of this artwork gets downright amazing…



@tyrantisterror  your legacy endures

To an ever widening group of people, I am “that guy who ranted about Arthur fucking a squirrel.”

Of all my legacies, this is certainly one of them.

I think I’ve posted about this before buuuuuuut fuck it? This makes me deliriously happy and sad.
The resolution of Arthur becoming human and having to try to explain himself to a sobbing squirrel is one of my strongest childhood memories about having to deal with heartbreak and I’m literally fucking tearing up right now GOD DAMN YOU TYRANTIS.

Does this mean there’s an alternate version of history where Camelot never fell and Britain just always carried on its legacy.

Are you trying to tell me that in the fixed up version of the Arthur mythos the entire royal family is part squirrel?

I mean, it’s not the weirdest AU I’ve seen with Arthurian legends…

@break-rpg I’m bringing this to your attention so you can tell Rey.

I– This just made me the happiest bitch in the world. The Sword in the Stone is one of my lifetime favorite movies, y’all, and part of my overall Arthurian obsession. I hadn’t considered the ramifications of Arthur losing his virginity to the squirrel, but I should’ve, because it’s brilliant. And now I want to write fic along these lines.




Quokkas by cruzysuzy on instagram

@prplprincez @starryscrittercollection

These are adorable.

very random and I don't know how much it could interest you but the site of the Metropolitan Museum of NY is letting people download 500+ pdf books of arts of all kind, from all around the world and I think it's very neat. Also it's free art books.

YES!!! Sign me the fuck up!! Thank you so much for the info nonny😭🙏💕


In case you missed it, our New Year New Decade ring project is still going strong! Here’s the jist: We are days away from beginning again, from not only a new year but a brand new decade. What we need now more than all things, is a sense of togetherness, a sense of unity, an understanding that we are all connected, all faces of the same soul, all beats of the same heart.


Designed to be purchased two different ways, this ring is a constant reminder in an ancient language, the Ogham alphabet that later became Gaelic, that we are all beats of that same heart. One one ring, the word “one” and on the other, the word “beat.” Bought as a set, you can keep one and gift the other to someone that you’re connected to, a reminder that you’re always together. Bought individually, we’re so excited to give you a chance to be forever connected to a stranger, someone somewhere in the world you’ve never met, but feels the same way you do. We’ll let you know their name and the state or country they live in, and you’ll forever know that someone, somewhere, is feeling connected to you, too.


With each order comes a signed print of a custom poem written just for this project by Tyler Knott Gregson. Now, let us head into 2020 united, fresh, connected and more alive than ever before. Now, let’s begin again.


Memories like minutes

and our stories become


Decade like a chapter,

those words

are old words, and we

must begin again.

Now, we write our own

truths, spill out

tales of ourselves,

united and bound as

one thing, one story

that will turn heads

and open mouths

in awe.

One story, we will telll,

your words become mine,

mine into yours,

the sound of pages turning

like the thumping

of a pulse,

like billions of hearts

with only

one beat.


-Tyler Knott Gregson-





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Three months ago I pitched an idea for a party game. Today, ‘WHAT THE PLOT?!™’ is a real game and available for pre-order! I am so excited. Thank you everyone for your support!

Click on a picture for higher quality! Tumblr compresses pictures so they might look a bit blurry!


What The Plot?!™ is now available for pre-order on planet Earth until January 1st! Definitely check it out; it’s pretty-ducking-epic thanks to your feedback and input!

omg they actually did it!!

guys ive been waiting for this. If I get it will you guys play? @folklorefairyqueen @moonxchaos


this by itself already makes me wanna play this game 😂😂😂


This is so, so important you guys.

This is why you should support your local fanfic writers instead of making demands on them. They do this freely and “owe” you nothing.

The same goes for your local fan artists.


Burr: I am the Left Brain, I am the Left Brain, I work really hard until my inevitable death brain. You got a job to do, you better do it right in the right way with the Left Brain’s might.



remember that tumblr post that was like “when will modern day directors be brave enough to give us a fight scene choreographed to tainted love”

well, Why Women Kill did that

Okay, this is even more reason for me to binge this damned show. LOLOL