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“Whatever happened to the favor that Roni owed Weaver in season 7? ‘Cause we know Rumple never forgets about his favors.”

my lady dragon Maleficent and 4, 13, 15!

my lady dragon Maleficent and 4, 13, 15!

4. Best place to kiss on their body

She prefers her neck, it’s her weakness. Someone gets her there and she’s gold.

13. What gets them flustered

Bad parents. She doesn’t have the patience for parents that get to raise their children and screw up in some way. Even if there may be a good reason preventing them from being the best parent they can be, there’s just no excuse in her mind that’s good enough. She’d trade anything to raise her daughter.

15. What it takes to make them cry

Looking at baby pictures of Lily or hearing stories about her childhood. Heck, she finds it hard to not cry when Lily enters the room for at least a month after they’re reunited.

Send me a character + a number and I’ll tell you my headcanons

Tiana & Naveen for top/bottom?

Tiana & Naveen for top/bottom?

Tiana tops Naveen’s bottom.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you if they’re a top or a bottom.

childofjobassa: #after all those years she’s s…


#after all those years she’s still so skittish whenever people invade her space without her permission



irootforher: Roni + details


Roni + details



regina mills + lip scar
(requested by anonymous)

i-was-always-the-queen: Requested by @ussjell…


Requested by @ussjellyfish

  • Regina and beverages

reignmills: regina mills in b&w (4-5/∞)


regina mills in b&w (4-5/)



headcanon: the evil queen watches over king henry in the wish realm. he is hell bent on vengeance against her, but she evades his traps and instead makes sure he is safe throughout his life. when his carriage nearly falls over a ravine, she saves it with magic. when a neighbouring kingdom challenges his leadership, henry finds the leaders suddenly compliant the next day. good fortune follows him around. the evil queen becomes his guardian angel, protecting him from afar. she can’t be his mother, but at least she’ll make sure he lives the best possible life.