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Title: Surprise!
It’s a Family!
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Artist: powerfulmagics
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Title: Surprise!
It’s a Family!
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Author: ariestess
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Rating: Teen and Up
Warning(s): No
Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 10k
Once upon a time, all I wanted was a
carefree life filled with love and laughter with Daniel and a house filled with
our children. It may have taken longer than anyone expected and I’m not with my
first love, but I am definitely with a woman who makes me feel whole and our
daughter makes it even more perfect.

Picking up directly on the tail of “Surprise!
It’s a Girl!”, Regina and Emma navigate five important moments in the
first year of Hope’s life and their burgeoning relationship. Nothing is easy,
but Regina and Emma vow to be honest and work together to make the transition
to family life as easy as possible for all involved.

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