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Title: [Fanart]
Deliver Us from These Poor Unfortunate Souls
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Artist: Theofficeghey
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Title: Deliver
These Poor Unfortunate Souls
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Author: ariestess
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Rating: Teen and Up
Warning(s): No
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Words: 6k
“Hush now, my little one,” she
murmurs, unable to hide the quaver in her voice. “This is for the best for
both of us, maybe for the whole kingdom. Nobody can know what happened. They
wouldn’t understand. You need to have your best life, and that can’t happen
with me, not once they see who and what you are. The Sea Witch will know how to
take you far from here and keep you safe from those who would sooner see you

AKA the one where Princess Emma brings her newborn
son to the Sea Witch Regina for safekeeping and all of them learn more than
they ever expected to about what love and family actually mean in a fusion that
blends Once Upon a Time, The Little Mermaid, and The Prince of Egypt.

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