my children, they were entirely running on VC funding before growing a user base large enough to sell ads, which is how they were always planning to make money. all those companies were literally started to make money.

if a service starts free, it’s because you are the product and they’re planning to market you


And they’ve added ads at the end of videos, so if you’re just listening to a playlist, you might get 4 ads in a row.


They’ve also made them harder to skip.


And recently, YouTube doubled the number of ads that they show at the beginning of every video, because ^


People who are old enough to remember ad free YouTube, FB, Twitter and Instagram believing that capitalism drives innovation are fucking hilarious.

Like, all of those platforms were still profitable…massively profitable before they had targeted ads on your feed and unskippable ads before videos. They didn’t need to bring them in. They weren’t going to go under, their CEOs weren’t living in the backseats of their cars, they were living in mansions already. They just wanted more money.

Greed was the only reason. Capitalism is the reason they made their platforms and the user experience worse. That’s it.