Rave Reviews for “Caught in the Act” by @ariestess!

i love how this was all in Regina’s POV! i thought it was going to switch, but i’m glad it didn’t! not many fics are in 1st person, so i’m glad that i got to read another one like this. emma and regina are so sOFT IN THE BEGINNING when regina is in the bathroom and emma comes up behind her. my heart 🙁 … Writing in first person is not easy and writing in first person as Regina seems impossible but you did a phenomenal job. This was amazing. I wouldn’t mind reading more first person Regina if it’s written this well. Well done! … It was fun seeing the whim thing from Regina’s POV. The deep feelings that she has for Emma, lingering concerns about her past, the changed relationship with Robin (really appreciated that), respect for Granny, negotiating with David, etc. Loved them all. … So cute! I love that Snow isn’t mad about them dating, she just takes it waaaaaay too far. Hehe. And Emma is so sweet giving Regina time to feel better before getting playful again. Very satisfying story – thanks! … you can’t image how I need this story, today. So funny and the last interaction between Emma and Regina so sweet. Great work! … i liked that you switched up. overall you did really great! sometimes I’m iffy about first person but you pulled it off really well! thanks for sharing! … I loved how understanding Emma was with Regina’s fears. This was such a sweet, fun story. Snow was lucky to get out of there without getting torched.

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