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Art Spotlight: “The Mayor’s Office [Art]” by @trinadeckers!

I still wholeheartedly love this artwork. It makes me giggle when I see it. Thank you so much for making this based on my fic! … Love the look on Emma’s face here stunned and kid of frozen but not yet horrified at getting caught. Suits the fanfic story chapters perfectly. Nicely done. I can only imagine the look on Regina’s face is far less serene in that getting caught moment; poor them 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creativity here for Supernova. Best wishes to you. … Hot damn… beautiful artwork! … oh my god this is beautiful!! i am so amazed with how you’ve done this, and you picked a great scene to capture. i love the colors and the highlights. she looks damn good and omg I almost didn’t even see emma down there. i can’t stop staring at Regina’s office, mostly the wallpaper. SERIOUSLY this is incredible. you did so awesome!! … Perfect! I can see Emma thought “uh oh they got us” … Nice gradiant usage of reds. Good job … I love the choice of colors. … Where can we see the entire picture? … This is such a pretty style and I love the lighting!

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