Author Interview — ariestess!


We sat down with @ariestess to talk about Caught in the Act, their process, and their Supernova adventure!

What inspired your story?

I had a really hard time getting a solid bead on an idea this year, and then I just hit on the “five times” trope and ran with it. I love playing with Regina’s willingness to be daring in public. She’s always seen as such a tight-laced person, and it’s nice to see her breaking out of that and ENJOYING herself.

How do you form your stories? Do you outline beforehand or write by the seat of your pants? Do you write linearly or out of order?

It really depends. This particular fic was mostly seat of my pants with a loose idea of locations and who caught or didn’t catch them. I think I mostly wrote it in order, simply because it was easier to build on previous encounters in each new one.

What in your fic are you most proud of?

I really love the final chapter. Snow’s reaction was one of my favorites to write because I totally needed her to go overboard toward a wedding like she did. The idea of Regina expecting to have to fight for her relationship with Emma, only to be surprised that Snow’s okay with it, was really appealing to me. Oh, and Granny and Mal’s reactions were pretty priceless, too.

Is there anything you’d change now?

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