17 July 2019

Two things I need to note tonight (maybe just so I can look back at it and note the date and time in future). 

1) tr*mp wouldn’t be inciting his followers to such levels if he wasn’t trying to hide something else 

2) some of his followers have felt small and unimportant, maybe even useless, for a long time. He makes them feel like big people with something to be proud of. This perception will be frigging HARD to fight. 

Yes, I know that what they are proud of isn’t something one should be proud of, but it’s like those guys who sink everything they have into a model car. The guy barely makes ends meet week to week because he spends all his extra cash to fix up the car and polish it and make it look showroom new so he can show it off to people. Yet if he sold that car he’d have as much money as he would make in two years – enough to get himself well situated financially and live more comfortably, *but* it would mean he loses his sense of self which is tied up in that huge money pit of a vehicle.  THAT is what tr*mp is like to these people. 

They saw him as a showroom blemish sale – buy it for cheap and shine it up and they can brag about the deal they got. So… even though their showroom blemished model eats up more gas than they can comfortably afford, and it belches out truly foul exhaust, and is freaking expensive to fix up and make look decent, they keep telling themselves they got a bargain. They feel that everybody looking askance at their choice is merely jealous or ill informed or just plain dumb.

He has given them a sense of self-importance and a feeling they are part of something big and important that they feel has passed them by (probably for) their whole lives and this (joining/belonging) is their chance at something better.  

This is why the criticisms against tr*mp don’t faze them and why it will be bloody difficult to fight, but it’s crucial we do and keep our country advancing.