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Art Spotlight: Rewrite the Stars by @ariestess!

Ooh, it’s a bit like a CD case huh (not sure if anyone still uses those) with the tracklist on the back. Interesting idea…I absolutely loved this! YOU ARE SO GOOD AT FANMIXESespecially considering music played such a big role in the story. i LOVE that you did a fanmix for it, and i’m really glad for this matchup…like seriously i don’t think you could have chosen more fitting songsFantastic job! Thanks for sharing!…Your cover for the fanmix album is great with the choices you’ve made in the pic of Emma and of Regina; Emma looks like she’s trying to hold it together while Regina’s facial expression is of pure love she is trying to contain (and failing to contain). I imagine that Emma as being the one who is finally free of Hook and hesitant about her feelings for Regina out of fear they will not be reciprocated...seriously you never fail to wow me with your fanmixes. thank you so much for this one!!

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