SQ Supernova III: Artist Interview with Ariest…


Interview with @Ariestess

and their work for

Rewrite the Stars

What is your favorite medium to work with?

I am primarily a fanmixer, but I dabble in Zentangle, watercolor, and bad manps, too.

When you are choosing a story do you base your choice on the snippet/summary alone or are you looking for a certain type of story?

It’s kind of a feeling I get, I suppose. I love to read the snippets/summaries for ideas. I don’t really search for any specific type/genre because I like the ideas to flow in my head for music, rather than have a rigid mindset, if that makes any sense. I don’t go in thinking “I want to use this kind of music, so I’ll only look for things that fit that.” Nope, I go in with the idea of “What’s going to perk up my interest or my muses’ interest” and then go from there.

Which part of the creative process you enjoy the most?

Honestly? I think it’s the part where I start to really pull everything together. Narrowing down the songs, refining the order, getting it to gel in my mind until the muses go quiet because they’re pleased.

What was the most challenging thing you faced while doing this particular art?

I knew I needed to include the song “Rewrite the Stars”,

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