I absolutely hate it when slash fics feel like they gotta tear down the character’s previous relationship with a girl in some way. Like it doesn’t matter if they were canonically having some truly fantastic sex just a few episodes ago, dude’s gonna hook up in the fic with another dude and it’ll be all “it was never this good with HER” or some shit about how it feels more ~right~ somehow.

It’s vaguely biphobic, misogynistic, and invalidates what were often perfectly healthy relationships with women while subconsciously perpetuating the idea that you can’t love more than one person in your lifetime. That girl you were absolutely in love with a few months ago? Yeah that was nice but THIS love with your new boyfriend is obviously SO MUCH MORE REAL.

Why is this necessary? Why can’t you just respect these relationships and the female characters who were an important part of this male character’s life? As a writer, you’re in control of the world you’re building, so they literally pose no threat to you. Grow up.


I see the exact same thing happen in femslash fics, too. The male love interests get completely bashed for no reason other than to “prove” that both ladies can ONLY love and/or be satisfied by another woman. The overwhelming lack of bisexuality in most femslash fandoms is why I tend to steer clear of the fic unless I know and trust the writer won’t play the “they can ONLY be lesbians” card.