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Today, we spotlight Rewrite the Stars!

This confident and ambitious debut by @WrittenInTheSwanQueenStars is a rollercoaster of a read that really will continue surprising you right until the last chapter, sprinkled with hilarious and true-to-life moments as our favourite dorks stumble around their true feelings. We follow Emma and Regina in a post-finale world: Emma is married to Hook, and she and Regina meet once a fortnight for a catch-up. It’s during one of these girls’ nights that Regina first begins to suspect the depth of the unhappiness that Emma has found in her so-called happily ever after. With Regina a steadfast and steady friend by her side, and with the help of a playlist of songs that remind her of her own strength – skillfully mirrored in the accompanying playlist and artwork by @ariestess​ – Emma begins to learn who she is outside of the confines of an unhappy relationship. But with the whole town, including Emma’s own family, invested in Emma and Hook’s relationship, can Emma truly be free of her “Happy Beginning”? And when a series of curveballs and shock twists threaten to pull apart Emma and Regina’s foundations, can they open their hearts to a new kind of happiness?

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