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We sat down with @ariestess to talk about Surprise! It’s a Girl!, their process, and their Supernova adventure!

What inspired your story?

I absolutely fell in love with @trinadeckers’ artwork and the possibilities it offered. I knew I wanted to do something post-series finale, given what everyone was wearing in the artwork, but I couldn’t quite decide on a specific plan of action for a while. It was a close call, but I finally came up with an idea that the muses and I really liked, so we wrote like the wind so to speak. LOL I love exploring Regina as a mother in general, and this whole idea of a magic baby without Regina being the one pregnant just makes me smile for some reason.

How do you form your stories? Do you outline beforehand or write by the seat of your pants? Do you write linearly or out of order?

I’m a plantser, aka I usually have a rough idea of where I want the fic to end, but little to no firm details along the way. With this fic, all I knew was that I wanted Regina to learn she was Hope’s other parent and that she would get together with Emma by the end of the fic. I knew I wouldn’t answer every question Regina would have about the whole process, but that’s the beauty of fanfic, isn’t it?

What in your fic are you most proud of?

There are a couple things.

First is “Operation Make Ma Smile Again” and the whole thing of adult Henry still doing his operations like the little boy we watched grow up in canon. As I wrote it, I could see the gleam in his eyes and that mischievous smile, especially as he explained who all was involved in the operation. Oh! And the whole thing with him worrying about whether or not Regina would fireball his ass. I couldn’t help myself with that bit. LOL

Related to this first point is the whole “"I love your wife, but she needs to stay the hell away from my chocolate silk pie.”“ bit. I cackled so hard when I wrote that whole bit between Regina and Henry. I could see and hear Regina saying it to Henry, as well as his reaction. As I said in a comment on the fic, all of my Reginas are closet snobby chocoholics and absolutely go crazy for chocolate silk pie.

The other big part I’m proud of is the way Regina realizes how much she wants this chance with Emma and Hope, despite how many times Emma gives her an out. It was just a wonderful way of letting her start to sort through her feelings about both motherhood and a relationship with Emma. I’ve always loved to delve into Regina’s thought processes in general, and this gave me ample opportunities.

Is there anything you’d change now?

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