“Mr. Dugan, the man in charge of Henry’s adoption, was ready to take Henry back, said they already had a new family ready to adopt him. And then he had to step out of his office for a moment, I think to get someone to help get Henry and his things. I looked at Henry in that car seat, and I apologized to him for not being good enough to be his mother. And he just looked at me, like he could really see and understand me. I’m not sure what made me do it, but I couldn’t look away and I asked him to just give me another chance. And he smiled at me. Looking back, he was only a month old and it was probably gas, but at the time…”

“At the time, he smiled at you and gave you that second chance?” Emma asks when I don’t finish my thought, overwhelmed by my own memories, and I can only nod. “And then you gave him his best chance, the one I wanted him to have when I gave him up. I can never repay you for that, Regina, but I’m going to keep trying.”