Rave Reviews for lovers like you and me by @ariestess!

oh my GOD this is the softest thing. i love this whole story so far because the setting (as in, right before their wedding) is one i haven’t seen many times, and it’s great because there’s so many different feelings that come up in such a small window of time. you’ve done so well at capturing them all. snow and zelena teaming up LMAO that’s amazing and horrifying. Great story and just what many SQ fans wanted from the show.Oh my god, are you trying to kill us??? It’s so beautiful, and you can be sure I’m crying right along with Regina at the end.OMG! I’m bawling my eyes out right now, blubbering like a fool. THIS was EVERYTHING I needed and more! Every character was spot on, every emotion so deep and heartfelt, every spoken word and thought so fitting for the Emma and Regina that we’ve come to know and love.This was just the right blend of sweet, funny and fluffy. It was a great reminder of what the show could have been and what it should have been. I loved that they got their way and didn’t have to spend the night apart, especially after it took them so long to finally be together. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story.This was so beautiful and romantic!!

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