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Art Spotlight: Sadder But Wiser: A Swan Queen Fanmix by @ariestess !

The plot is brilliant, and the way you show it with the cover art for the fanmix shines through. I liked how you separated each part of their lives with songs that set the tone and ambience of it, how the lyrics lend a hand to telling a story that is both chilling, and filled with hope…The cover art is great! Emma eyeing Regina on the bottom right is most likely my favorite shot of the two of them on it; great choices for younger versions of them a foster kids…The music mix is a great balance of turbulent and harmonious that, after reading the story then listening to the songs, fits well with their upbringing as well as their reunion years later. Also it’d be a great mix to play on a road trip so bonus there 🙂   Thanks for sharing your creativity here for Supernova. Best wishes to you… AHHH okay so let me start by saying that i am so high key about this story as a concept. it’s the kind of thing that I wouldn’t have thought about, but then see and I’m like BUT OF COURSE! seriously i am already just !!! and i haven’t listened to your fanmix yet. okay so NOW I’m listening and my !!! is being raised like, ten more exclamation points per song. seriously I am so jdjdjdnksk i love the way you broke it into the three segments. i really was feeling all the past songs, and the vibe they gave off absolutely made me think of young roni and emma. then THE LAST ONE “love me tender” has me so emotional wow. and then all the interim tracks like, nailed in all the feels. the now tracks are so good too, really representing how emma and roni would be navigating the situation. seriously you’ve picked such perfect songs, I’m blown away. the way you’ve organized the fanmix is incredible, because it flows well both with the sound and also the mood and also the storyline you structured. they all fit in a full story arc but then have their own mini arcs in each section. it’s such a complete range of feelings and i really like it. and then also i love the pictures you chose to include in your edits!! those were also perfect choices. you did so great overall! thanks for making this!!…Great artwork! It really tells the story. And I love the playlist. Each song has something that fits perfectly.

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