SQ Supernova III: Artist Interview with Ariest…


Interview with @ariestess

and their work for

Sadder But Wiser: A Swan Queen Fanmix

What is your favorite medium to work with?

I have a lifelong love of music, so fanmixes are totally my jam. Pun entirely intended.

When you are choosing a story do you base your choice on the snippet/summary alone or are you looking for a certain type of story?

It’s a bit of both usually, though in this case, I created the fanmix first.

Which part of the creative process you enjoy the most?

I love going through my massive music collection [and praise Spotify and YouTube for mostly having what I’m missing in my personal collection] and finding what works. Sometimes a song or an artist will just automatically stand out, and other times, it’s like a treasure hunt to sift through things and wait for inspiration to strike.

What was the most challenging thing you faced while doing this particular art?

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