tylerknott: Typewriter Series #2262 by Tyler K…


Typewriter Series #2262 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Text for Tired Eyes:

Should I keep them all short,
quotable one liners,
easy to digest, easy to share?  
Should I only write of sex,
of exhaustively repeated cliches,
single sentences that say
scrollable?  Is this poetry?  
Is this the art we’re after?  
Where’s the pause for the
honest words,
the slow reading of pain,
of ache indescribable,
of sadness at the state of things?
Don’t let us reduce to this,
to single serving inspiration
quickly consumed,
quickly forgotten.  
More lives here, beyond the instant
gratification, hiding behind the
work it takes to find it.  
Find it,
don’t let us descend into pools
of empty words,
pages of nothing,

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