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The Swan Queen Supernova Comments Contest returns!

After the success of our comments contest last year, we have come back for another round to reward our loyal readers who cheer our authors and artists along!

To that end, we will be taking note of all the comments in the SQSN entries (that’s right, all 230-odd works, fic AND art), and tallying up how many comments each person leaves! 

This year, there will be two ways to win:

  • To win the Grand Prize: You must have the highest comment count by the deadline – so leave lots of comments on lots of different works!
  • To win the Second and Third Place Prizes: Each comment you leave is one entry in the raffle for these prizes, so even if you can’t leave comments on all the works, you still have a chance to win! (But the more comments you leave, the more entries you will have in the contest…😜)

We want to make sure you have time to read them, so the contest will run for four months after the beginning of reveals, until 14 January, 2019.

So what are these prizes?

The Grand prize will be an amazing Swan Queen Grab Bag, including an anthology with all your favorite Swan Queen stories, a handmade Swan Queen journal, and a selection of Swan Queen stickers! These are physical prizes, which we intend to physically send to you!

The Second and Third place prizes: one fic (3k or more words) or a piece art inspired by your prompt, from a list of participating authors and artists! (Last year, participating creators included RegalDucky, coalitiongirl, and JuiceCup – we are still accepting volunteers for the list this year, so let us know if you might be interested in offering up your services!) 

(We are also going to be putting out a call for those interested in helping count comments as well, so if you are interested, keep an eye out for that!)

We hope you’re pumped to get out there and comment once reveals start on Monday, September 3rd!

“What if I don’t know what to say?” you might ask. “What if I’m nervous to comment?” Check out this post about how to comment without anxiety, and try to keep in mind that authors and artists love ALL comments that have something nice to say about their work!

We hope you’re all excited, and we’ll see you all in the comment sections starting September 3rd!

In-depth rules, fine print, and FAQs below the cut – if your question is not answered below, drop us a line!

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