Hello, there. Now, I understand that you told …

Hello, there. Now, I understand that you told me whenever you found the time, you would do a story based on Regina meeting Robin at a nudist resort and you said that you would wait until after OQ Happy Ending Week was over to do the story. So, whenever you see this, can you possibly let me know when the first chapter will be up if you still plan on doing the story? Goodbye!

Dear Anon: 

There is a fine line between persistence and annoyance. You have crossed it. I said I had started to work on the prompt you sent me but had to put it aside to focus on OQ Happy Ending Week, yes. That week ended on Sunday. You sent me this message the very next day. I just wrote about 30,000 words–most of them last week alone to meet each daily deadline. And I know I wasn’t the only one frantically writing or drawing to meet a deadline. The creatives in this fandom put in a lot of work last week and I believe ALL of them deserve a chance to breathe and relax. The last thing any of us, including me, needed or wanted was a message that essentially read: “So when are you going to update?” And that’s pretty much what you did. 

I’ve also just realized that you are a person I’ve blocked on FFnet for a few reasons, including sending me the same “When are you going to update?” message three times in the same week, during which I was on vacation, as well as getting pushy when I turned down a prompt. I’ve also asked you to stop sending me prompts for The Nanny on AO3. Now, I’m asking you to stop sending me prompts altogether. You’ve abused the privilege. 

And yes, it is a privilege for an author to answer your prompt–especially when unsolicited. Most times, we’re happy to but most prompters understand that we will answer the prompt in our own time. This is a hobby for nearly all fanfic writers. We do not get paid for our work. So we have to prioritize our writing time and which stories get attention when. I tr to revolve my stories in an attempt to give them equal attention but it doesn’t always work that way because I do have a full time job, family and friends and other things I like to do. So I, like all fanfic writers, need a little patience from the readers. You’ll get your story in good time and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. 

(Though you, anon, won’t be getting this particular story. I’ve decided not to write it). 

To all my other anons, who have been patient and respectful, THANK YOU! I do appreciate it when you prompt me as many of your prompts have led to great stories and made me write scenarios I never would’ve thought of. You all rock but I’m afraid one bad apple is spoiling the barrel at this point.

I am turning off anon comments for this blog until further notice. 

I hope you all understand that I didn’t make this decision lightly and I’m sorry it has come to this.