Language of flowers


Maiden’s Hair – discretion
Lily (Eucharis) – maiden charms
Mountain Laurel – ambition
White Poppy – sleep, my antidote
Clematis – mental beauty, art
Moschatel – weak but winning
Lily of the Valley – return of happiness
Butterfly Weed – let me go
Pyrus Japonica – fairies’ fire
Asphodel – my regrets follow you to the grave
White Rose (dried) – death preferable to loss of innocence
Witch Hazel – a spell
French Honeysuckle – rustic beauty
Henbane – imperfection
Laburnum – forsaken, pensive beauty
Weeping Willow – mourning
Dead leaves – sadness
Locust Tree (green) – affection beyond the grave
Camellia (pink) – longing
Gerbera – innocence
Lobelia – malevolence
Amaryllis – pride, splendid beauty
Persimmon – bury me amid nature’s beauties
Carnation (green) – secret symbol of the followers of Oscar Wilde
Helenium – tears
Larkspur – lightness, levity
Hawthorn – hope
Auricula – painting
Queen Anne’s Lace – fantasy
Eglantine – I wound to heal