Give your Spotlights team a round of applause!

Thus concludes another year of Spotlights, with many, many thanks to all the people who helped make them happen! First of all, to the SWEN volunteers who read each fic and gave it the attention it deserved: @rexinasofia, @magicallyturningbacktime, @eddis, @spicytunalane, @herosolstice, @ealabanrion, @lovelylodie, @ariestess, @happylikeafoolsam, @swenswanswoon, @mippippippi, @reginamea, @dark_lordofall, and @aniswanmills! You were all so amazing, enthusiastic and dedicated and excited and very determined to do right by your writers, and it showed!! Thank you for stepping up and giving us a wonderful year of Swan Queen!

And extra special thanks to our amazing interviewers, @exquisitliltart and @mippippippi, who gave our writers and artists a chance to talk about their process! We’ve been so lucky to have so many people determined that every Supernova writer gets time to celebrate their achievement in such a wonderful, supportive atmosphere. :’)

Finally, an extra thank you to the people who went above and beyond, even after I had crashed hard in the midst of the endless, endless queueing of all the posts. @magicallyturningbacktime and @grevgrev, I really appreciate you both taking point with emails and interviews!! And @rexinasofia, thank you for sparing me when I was at my wits’ end and uploading the final two months’ batches, you’re probably the reason I’m willing to do this again next year without being hella burnt out omfg. ily all very dearly!!

Looking forward to seeing what kind of wonderful stories and art we’ll be highlighting next fall!! –mari