Deep Space Nine character’s reactions to ‘Hami…



Kira: is really into the first half where Hamilton is fighting for independence

Quark: is really into the second half where Hamilton is fighting for a strong economy

Rom: thinks the music was pretty

Odo: just wants people to stop singing off-key on the Promenade

Kai Winn: takes the Aaron Burr character personally and calls for a boycott, backtracks when it turns out a lot of Bajorans like the show and there’s a backlash, ends up funding her own production of it in which she cuts all the speeches she feels are too incendiary

Jadzia Dax: massive crushes on the Schuyler sisters, Hamilton, and Jefferson

Ezri Dax: keeps changing her mind as to who she most identifies with

O’Brien: immediately makes a Revolutionary War program for himself and Julian

Bashir: keeps calling Garak ‘Hercules Mulligan’

Garak: pretends not to get the joke, tries to bring back petticoats

Worf: passive-aggressively sends fourteen copies of the soundtrack to Alexander

Alexander: completely misses the point his dad was trying to make, goes into musical theatre

Dukat: writes lot of angsty fic about how King George is misunderstood and misrepresented

Nog: starts quoting it as a historical source in Starfleet Academy essays

Jake Sisko: abandons novel, begins working on musical

Ben Sisko: will not stop humming ‘Guns and Ships’

Kira: commander, you and I both know that the Dominion’s got tactical and material superiority, to say nothing of the numerical advantage
Sisko: major, are you saying that we
Kira: no
Sisko: pardon me major but it sounds very much like you are saying that we aRE
Kira: please don’t
Kira: stop it
Kira: you are supposed to be a representative of my gods
Kira: I hope the Dominion kills you
Kira: I’m an atheist now