The pilot for OUAT might be one of my favorite pilots ever. It’s so incredibly magical in both the literal and figurative sense. The acting is incredibly charming. Ginny and Josh absolutely killed it. Snow attempting to kiss Charming awake completely broke my heart – the mixture of naïveté, love, and grief were so raw. 

This pilot also served as a great reminder of talented the cast is. It takes a certain talent to make the extra-ness of some of these character believable. I believe the show would have failed had Robert Carlyle and Lana Parilla not found that line with Rumple and Regina. 

I will also forever say that the scene of Charming sword-fighting the black knights with baby Emma in his arms is quite possibly my most favorite scene in the entire show. And it’s a crime we never saw a parallel scene with Killian, but I digress

I think it’s interesting to see what later gets retconned. Obviously, Regina was later revealed to not hate Snow because she was pretty – and I have a hard time believing Snow would actually say that seriously. We’re also led to believe that Regina doesn’t actually love Henry. Look back, I (in universe) that it was because she didn’t believe herself capable of it, but it falls a bit into retcon territory to me, as well.

I feel like for most of s1 the show isn’t quite sure if Regina loves Henry or not. I think they were thinking about killing her off for awhile too?

I think considering the subject matter, fairytales for adults, there was a very strong chance that season 1 would be the only season. So it’s possible they had to plan for the season finale to be the series finale with Regina dying.

That’s what I was thinking. If it got cancelled, the evil queen gets defeated. She dies. Henry goes with his ‘real’ mom.

If it was gonna go that way then I could easily see Regina dying to save Henry’s life.