Once Upon a Time Series Rewatch Schedule – Jun…


Welcome to the Once Upon a Time Series Rewatch.  This is a casual chance for fans of the series to rewatch the entire series and talk about the episodes having seen how the series ends.

Because we have people participating in time zones across the globe we are not having a set time when episodes will be scheduled but rather you can watch three episodes during the week and post your thoughts about them at your own time.  Use the tag “watching fairytales” or tag this blog and we’ll reblog your thoughts.  Everyone in fandom is welcome.


The Week of June 3rd:

1.01 Pilot
1.02 The Thing You Love the Most
1.03 Snow Falls

The Week of June 10th: 

1.04 The Price of Gold
1.05 That Still Small Voice
1.06 The Shepherd

The Week of June 17th: 

1.07 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
1.08 Desperate Souls
1.09 True North

The Week of June 24th: 

1.10 7:15 AM
1.11 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
1.12 Skin Deep