Rave Reviews for kairos by @ariestess!

I have to say that this story was beautiful, and I want to thank you for sharing it with us. Everything about the narrative felt so gracefully and carefully constructed, and it fell together really well. The way it reads isn’t seamless, as there are time jumps, but in the end, the entire work /was/ seamless. It all felt complete and whole and unified by the end, and it was seriously amazing to read it and watch it come together, literally like a puzzle. … The whole story was feels. From the pain that we endured at the first chapters to this bursting happiness at the last ones made the whole story a bumpy ride of emotions! You job was amazing and I felt blessed for being able to read it. So thank you for that! … I think the way the fic handles imperfection makes it exemplary and outstanding. It was honest and real and raw, wrapped up in a happy story. None of it is easy, reading the fic was intense, and the fact that I said “oh god i don’t want to read this” but couldn’t have stopped if my life depended on it, says a lot. Also I love that we were literally on an emotional roller coaster WITH Emma and that was really awesome in an emotional torture kind of way. … Good god i’m so glad to started reading this in spite of the warnings/additional tags, i’m so glad that turned out differently than expected! This was such a good twist on the season 6 finale, I really enjoyed how you delved into Emma’s psyche and then slowly unraveled the plot. … I liked the way you incorporated canon into this and pushed at its envelope then brought it back again and twisted it into a nice knot. … Challenging yourself to write from Emma’s POV was such an excellent choice. … I’m really appreciative that you stuck by this fic and worked as hard as you did to share it. It’s amazing, and I’ve read other things of your, and they’re all amazing, but this one really did stand out, like color appearing in a black and white world 😉 But seriously, you did amazing. And I love the title too! I love all of it. Thank you so much again <3

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