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Art Spotlight: Lost moments [fanart for kairos by ariestess69] by @alqua-taari​​!

Ohh this is just perfect. I’m so emotional just looking at it. … I love the drawings that are on the table: the swan and the apple. It’s a nice attention to detail. Just Emma’s expression from the color version to the black and white show how different she is in the two settings. Great job! … I love how simple and clear this artwork is, having Emma below in black and white and above in a happier moment in color with Henry and Regina. Pretty much says it all even though I have yet to read the fanfic that goes with the story. That’s my next stop. 🙂 … Oh wow! This turned out so incredibly! I love how you did the coloring on the title! And the food fight! *flails* It’s just so incredibly wonderful! … Oh this is so beautiful but I feel like I’m going to need loads of tissues for this. Emma’s in the black and white and Henry and Regina are in color that speaks so much to me. … The whole story summed up in one picture literally! You even used the colors that Emma would point out in the entire story! The blue, which according to her was her favorite color, reminding her of Henry’s baby blanket, to the black and grey of her time in the hospital. Amazing job! Well done!

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