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Today, we spotlight kairos!

Can you trust yourself to know what is real and what is merely a dream? What if your dreams feel more real than reality? @ariestess’s kairos explores these questions in this take on the season 6 finale – with a twist. Emma is struggling with the loss of her soulmate as her mental health seems to be taking a turn for the worse: she finds that her dreams – memories of happier times – progressively grow more vivid and peculiar as time passes, making her question not just her own sanity but everyone’s insistence that she has to let go of these memories. However, when faced with the danger of also losing her son forever, Emma has to decide whether to live in the reality she knows – or whether to chase after the past her dreams keep promising her is actually just about within reach. Together with the heart wrenching artwork by @alqua-taari, this story will surely leave you wishing for a box of tissues; so grab a few before you delve into this emotional story, you may indeed shed a tear, or two, or a dozen.

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