So you want to be a Supernova beta reader!

Have you ever wanted to see an author’s fic before anyone else gets a chance? Are you any good at spelling and grammar, characterization, or knowing just where to put that pesky comma? Or do you happen to know a lot about something random, like being a Starbucks barista, or how to build a house, or have you seen every episode of Desperate Housewives?

Love being a part of the SWEN community but not interested in writing or drawing/photoshopping? Then you might want to be a Supernova beta reader!

Being a beta reader means that you are a second pair of eyes for a creator. An author or artist who is having trouble with their creation will reach out to your for help, and it’s your job to help them spot the details they’ve missed! Most will just need help with proofreading – the regular spelling and grammar checking – while others will want to make sure their characterization feels right, or they haven’t messed up the details of an episode or season. Some may just need a beta reader that can check for plot holes, or one who knows enough about plumbing to make sure that Emma is actually fixing these pipes correctly and isn’t about to flood Regina’s house. You never know when your specific set of knowledge might come in handy!

Beta readers are vital in helping creators feel prepared to show their creations to the world, so come sign up and help make their wonderful works even better — and maybe make a new friend in the process!

Sign up to be a Supernova beta reader here!