AO3 and Feedback: general overview


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen this post about ao3, feedback culture, and problems we have as both authors and readers. 

We (as in, the two people who wrote that post) got, uh, a lot more of a response than we were expecting, and so that’s shifted the project from an open call for brainstorming to something originally much further down the line. However, before getting into that (because we’re still sorting things out!), we want to discuss some of the general opinion trends. This isn’t meant to be taken as comprehensive or any sort of statistical analysis, since we’re not able to sort through everything at this time, but rather to further the discussion as a whole. 

Under the cut – why people don’t leave comments, the most popular suggestions, the most controversial suggestions, and what they tell us about the strengths and shortcomings of feedback culture and features on ao3. 

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