My mom said that today in church her pastor said in the sermon that Jesus told us to help the poor, and taking money away from public schools to give to charter schools only widens the gap between the rich and the poor.  She then added that Jesus spoke against adultery and lust and would not have approved of bragging about sexually assaulting women.  According to my mom, people got up and walked out.

The pastor also started the sermon by noting that she’d heard of another minister who read the entirety of the Sermon on the Mount at the pulpit, to be told by the so-called Christian parishioners after the service that it was offensive and they didn’t agree.

The Sermon on the Mount is straight up the words of Jesus.

I recently read an article that said, hypocritical Christians in America don’t actually worship Jesus. They worship America, and even then, it’s a very specific, self-centered idea of America.

^^^ I’ve grown up in Christainity all my life and I can say with confidence that 99.9% of people who believe in God/Jesus, they believe in the altered version that was created to fit an agenda.

They completely ignore the fact that Jesus was more than likely a man of color

Most of the geographical locations in the Bible are set in what is now Africa, The Middle East and parts of Asia (redefined as Asia Minor) and most of the biblical figures are given distinct non White identities (e.g. Moses wife was an Ethiopian woman)

Jesus was a radical leader who fought for those that the higher ups and bureaucrats deemed as worthy of oppression.

Jesus didn’t publicly broadcast his miracles and good deeds (he often told those he healed to “tell no one”)

He used everyday language to share the story of Christ to “non believers”

He didn’t spend time trying to force or convert people.

Basically, everybody’s doing Christianity wrong

There’s a literally a verse of the bible where Jesus says if you’re distracted by a woman’s body you should blind yourself. 

Canon Jesus is way better than Fanon Jesus. 

Many of my issues with the church in one handy post.

Jesus was rad. His followers these days? A lot of them are not so rad. They’ve lost the plot.