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Medieval Gold ‘He Who Sent Me Shall Never Deceive in Love’ Posy Ring with Sapphire, 14th Century AD

A gold finger ring comprising a cusped D-section hoop with shoulders formed as facing beast-heads with triangular bezel, inset faceted sapphire; two lines of Anglo-French Lombardic text to the hoop ’+ QVI.CA.MENVEIA: / IA:DAMOR:NE.TRICERA’, translates to ‘He who sent me shall never deceive in Love’. 7.88 grams, 26mm overall, 18.66mm internal diameter

Poesy, not posy. But damn, I lust after this…

Before you correct someone I suggest looking it up first.

“Posie rings (sometimes spelled posy, posey or poesy rings) are gold finger rings with a short inscription on their surface. They were popular during the 15th through the 17th centuries in both England and France as lovers’ gifts. The language used in many early posy rings was Norman French, with French, Latin and English used in later times. The quotations were often from contemporary courtship stories or chapbooks and usually inscribed on the inner surface of the ring. The rings were also given to show regard or as a gift.” – Wikipedia