Numbers Meme

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ONE insecurity:

Never being good enough

TWO fears:

Being abandoned, crowds

THREE “turn-ons”:

Intelligence, compassion, pretty eyes

FOUR life goals:

get a life, publish something, meet BHersh IRL, finish my damned degree

FIVE things I like:

music, complicated/flawed characters, anything with apples, pinnapeds, chicken livers

SIX weaknesses:

babies of any kind, chocolate, Regina Mills, Kate Bush’s music, Ionian green olives, donkeys

SEVEN Things I love:

anything purple, skanky olives, skanky cheese, heavy metal music, my pets, stuffed animals, Regina Mills

Tag EIGHT people:

Let’s see… @shatterpath @singinprincess @queersintherain @bunysliper @welldayumjackie and anyone else who wants to play…