I asked the following of several of my friends over on CuriousCat and thought I’d answer it myself…

It’s #WiPWednesday. Pick one or more of the following to answer:
What are you working on right now? What should you be working on, but
aren’t? What can you share a preview of?

Right now, my projects to work on today are:

  • RP replies
  • My bestie’s b’day fic
  • Carissa’s ancient #DragonQueen Annealed-verse fic called “When Henry Met Mally”

What I should be working on, but am not:

  • More shit than I honestly care to admit, ngl…

As for a preview, here’s a bit of that Annealed-verse fic…

By the time Regina calls her again, another two hours have
passed.  Mal gives up all pretense of
trying to work.  She doesn’t have any
current commissions and has more than enough stock to fill the storefront for
another week or two at least.  So, rather
than risk ruining anything she works on, she takes the time to close up the
shop and feed the feral tribe.  She packs
a small bag with her gift for the baby and her basket of dirty laundry, then
tosses them on the passenger seat of her Jeep before heading over to the
mansion.  The drive is short and sweet,
but she still feels every bit as nervous as the first time she spent the night

 Letting herself in, like she has a million times already,
there’s an air of expectancy that sends a shiver down her spine.  Her life is going to change so drastically
now.  Both of their lives, and the
baby’s, too.  She prays that this doesn’t
end up blowing up in their faces like when they nearly adopted their little
girl almost a year ago.  But they never
even got to see that little girl.  Regina
is driving home right now with their little boy.  This should mean that the paperwork is all
signed and filed and finalized; they have their family finally.  The next time Regina walks in that front door,
she won’t be alone, and then they’ll always have another person to consider in
everything they do.

 That stops her in her tracks, laundry basket falling to the
floor in front of her.  It’s no longer
just her, or just her and Regina.  Even
with as long as she’s been with Regina, she knows that she can still cut and
run if her anxiety gets too strong.  But
Regina’s bringing home a baby now, a baby they both wanted, and they’ll never be just Mal and Regina again.  They’ll always be Mally and Mama for the rest
of their lives.  Mal drops to her knees
next to the basket, clutching the rim as she struggles to breathe deeply and
get herself back under control.  It takes
longer than she feels it probably should, but eventually the fear passes and
she can get up and head toward the laundry room again.