So I was listening to ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’ and it just hit me that Glinda has to be absolutely devastated during that number because the best friend she has ever had has just died, as far as she knows, but she promised Elphie that she wouldn’t try to clear Elphie’s name so Glinda just has to stand there and listen to all of these people celebrate the fact that her best friend is dead and I am not okay

one of the weirdest things about the Wicked musical is that it’s so fucking tragic, but it disguises itself as this happy, inspiring, family-fun show

Glinda is being cheesy and charming in the opening number, but yeah, she’s devastated. when she starts telling the story of Elphaba’s life? it’s so sad. but they hold the baby up and people chuckle because it’s this weird looking green doll

yeah Defying Gravity is this huge inspirational ballad but their goodbye in the middle and Glinda’s last “i hope you’re happy” as one of the last lines of the act is just? so painful?

The Wizard and I has so much irony and foreshadowing that it’s easy to forget how eager and devoted Elphaba was, and how she never really had a chance. Thank Goodness is one of the most heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard, but Glinda’s moment of pain and vulnerability is sung to herself, immediately covered by a big smile and a celebration

“I’ve had so many friends, but only one that mattered” gets the audience laughing, and you don’t always feel the full weight of it. I mean, Glinda’s entire character is tragedy wrapped up in a pretty smile.

basically if you read between the lines or look at this show past face value in any way at all, it’s absolutely heartbreaking and don’t worry friend i’m not okay either