Wanted: Pinch hitters…


We’re looking for a few individuals who would like to help out as pinch hitters for some of our creators, as we’re
still waiting on a few submissions.

  • You do not need to be a current participant in the exchange to be a pinch hitter.
  • If you agree to be a pinch hitter, you’ll receive an email with the
    options available from those recipients whose creators have defaulted on
  • You’ll have approximately until Sunday, 4 March 2018, to make a creation based on your recipient’s requests, using the exchange’s minimum requirements.
  • You’ll need an AO3 account (We do have a couple of invite codes if you should need one)
  • You’ll receive a gift from your mods for being a pinch hitter.

If you’d like to be a pinch hitter, please send us an ask or message us with your AO3 name and the best email address to contact you at.

Thank you in advance!